How to Host a Popup Bakery

Have you ever thought of hosting a Popup Bakery? There are so many home-based bakers looking for ways to showcase their products. I want you to consider something many chefs are doing. A Pop-up restaurant of sorts! Only this time let’s consider a Pop-up Bakery?

Scope out a location for your Popup Bakery. You can use a coffee shop, a small diner or restaurant, indoor farmers’ market, or some other location. You might even solicit a local department store. Make sure your space is easy to locate, and not tucked away in a back corner.

The Display

Next, you will need some type of display stand. The size will depend on the amount of floor space available. Keep the display, light and airy. Something you can transport with ease. Remember, you may be using loading bays and elevators so keep it simple.

A plain table and creative backdrop can be attractive and enticing. You want something you can use over and over. A display that is collapsible and ready at a moments notice. Check Pinterest for portable bakery display ideas.

The Menu

What will you showcase at the Popup? Create a menu or a list of baked goods you’ll sell. As you decide, keep in mind the storage area and the stand or display used. Avoid selling refrigerated products or setting up your display in 90-degree weather.

Offer a good variety of sweets treats and flavors. Pay close attention to the color of the products, texture, and size.

For example, you may have a variety of sweets. You may have only two types of dessert. The key is to offer a variety of flavors. Let’s say you featuring your signature chocolate desserts. Consider having white, dark and milk chocolate with caramel, mint and nut fillings.

Prep as early as possible, but not too early

The shelf-life of baked goods can vary depending on the product. You will do a lot of baking, so start early, but not too early. You want to offer a fresh product, not one that tastes as though it’s been sitting around. Store your baked goods in airtight containers to ensure optimum taste and texture.

Start early prepping the packaging area. Design and create your labels, display signs and any other items you’ll need. Avoid making cakes, cupcakes, and pies early. Bake them same-day, even if it means getting up in the wee hours of the morning. Quality over quantity! Remember, this is your Pop-up, featuring your products.

Dress for Success

If the budget is tight, buy the best packaging you can afford. There are lots of websites where you can buy attractive packaging. Browse the links below:

  • BRP Box Shop
  • Webstaurant
  • Bags and Bows Online
  • Bakery Window Boxes

Note: All packaging that comes in direct contact with the food product must be FDA and/or USDA approved.

Pretty boxes are expensive. If you plan to use extravagant packaging make sure it is reflected in the price. You do not want to misrepresent your brand. You may want to have tiered pricing. A low price, mid-level and Tiffany exclusive.

Payment Options

Your customers will pay for their desserts, so provide them with a way to do so! A cash drawer always works. Keep plenty of change on hand. And use a portable payment system that allows customers to pay with credit cards. Square and PayPal will work nicely, and price for profit.

Promote your Pop-up Bakery

This is when your social media platforms become priceless. It is your responsibility to get the word out at least 2-3 weeks before showtime. Let everybody know about your Popup Bakery. Invite local journalist, news celebs, and food bloggers. Send out a press release. Remember to invite locate nonprofits, the city council, and parent organizations. Make a list of local associations and don’t forget your mailing list. Did I mention your social media followers?

Help, Please

Gather the troops. Who is going to help you pull all this together? You will need reliable friends and family members. Now is the time to call in favors from those who will arrive early, ready to work. Organize a list of To-Dos for those social butterflies and don’t be afraid to delegate. You can’t do it all.

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